Saturday, November 21, 2009

B's Week

Hope everyone had a great week! 

B has a full schedule other than school during the week. He was excited to start a Fun with Phonics program on Monday mornings before school.  Amazing, we were actually on time for the first class.  I make no promises for the rest of the classes and it is a good thing it is on Mondays because any other day of the week I would probably forget.  Tuesday is an off day.  But this week we spent Tuesday afternoon getting his haircut.  It was his choice to get it "cleaned up" or "cut it off".  He chose to cut it off. And we are glad that he had Sherri do it 

unlike when he did it himself   

and our only choice was to shave it.

Wednesday afternoon is CCD.  He goes with his friend Jayden, who lives across the street.  Branden blesses his sister when he holds her, "in the name of DAD..."  In his journal at school this week he wrote he was thankful for God because of Jesus. B has swim lessons on Thursday nights, which I may have decided will be our sport of choice along with water polo.  I am thinking that way he would get the best of both worlds an individual and a team sport.  He has been taking swimming lessons on and off for quite awhile but has been pretty steady since school started.  HIs instructor is awesome and he really enjoys his lessons.  Right now he is working hard on his freestyle.

Chess Fridays!  Jeff and B play quite a bit but I may have found the real reason he goes to chess class is that Chloe goes too.  Chloe is a friend of his.  She got his the clone trooper gun for his birthday that he only parts with when he is holding a lightsaber.  Speaking of lightsabers and clone troppers,  he got a Captain Rex helmet and Star Wars PJs from his Poppa Jun and Grandma Ely.

And here is picture of Addy for those of you that can't get enough of her:)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Sunday was a busy day for us.  We spent the morning visiting with Jeff's family from Las Vegas.

They were in Los Osos visiting family and stopped by to meet Addy. After some discussion and examination, it was concluded that Addy is going to be intelligent and bit of a troublemaker. Sound familar?! We also shared with them our newest tech fun (next to facebook and twitter), Skyping.  We Skyped Jeff's Mom in Turkey, so she could talk to her mom and sisters.

Since the 49ers played on Thursday, we spent Sunday almost football free.  After the boys warmed up and since Addy was sleeping in the stroller, I decided to step in and play quarterback for their game.

The game was almost short lived because after one complete pass to Branden I threw the next pass into the sun which led to B getting hit in the eye.  But he toughed it out and we opt for a handoff on the next play.  We all worked up an appetite so we headed to the barn for sweet corn.

I know I know, we had corn when we could have had oatmeal chocolate chip ice cream, the snickers thingy, and any number of pastries.

Before church, we took a picture with the new camera that we bought earlier in the day.

I really wanted to get the Samsung with the screen in the front so you can take pictures of yourself (because as most of you know it is one of my favorite photo pose along with sticking my tongue out.) but we opted for the much more practical choice the Canon Elph, which btw you can stick take pics of yourself.

Hope the rest of your week is filled with Love and Aloha!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Alumni Game and Addy's 2 months

Last weekend was the CP softball alumni game. We spent Friday out in Avila Beach with Carrie, Terra and Blake.

Here is a pic of everyone at the game:

It was great to see everyone and hang out at the Schafers. Instead of the downtown craziness for me, my moment came when B broad jumped over Addy to get to the pass her laying in a walk away. He easily cleared her. (He takes after his Poppa Sam.) I was a little bit shocked. But I seem to have a memory of jumping over Josh and Joey with my bike. So, I guess this was just a little bit of the payback that my family always reminds me about. I was feeling really old because I recruited several of the girls out of high school and now they have little ones. I am hoping we can together sooner rather than later.

Monday was Addy's 2 month appointment. She got shots and for the record she has her mom's lungs and temper. I know none of you are surprised.
Addy was just irriatated most of day. She would sleep then wake up crying. Lil A is 23 in and 10lbs 7oz.

Addy is starting to sleep a little bit longer at night (we aren't counting last night.) She also enjoys the play mat.
Her smiles are becoming more frequent.

B has started reading Dr. Suess books to her like Go Dogs Go. B went back to swim lessons after a couple weeks off. He is starting to get his freestyle down just need a little bit of meat on his bones to help with bounacy. B also starts his afterschool chess class. He is excited and wants to get better so he can beat his Dad and Poppa Jun.

As I was writing this blog, I realized two things:
1. It was pretty much a repeat of stuff I have posted on facebook.
2. I really need to get me a camera to take along with us whenever we go so that I won't have to steal pics off of other people's facebook or blog. (Thanks Jules and Terra)

Well, the 49ers played and won on Thursday. So other than the Poly football game, I am keeping my fingers crossed for a minimal football weekend. Maybe we will go on a hike or bike ride.

Have a great weekend! Much Love and Aloha!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Here we go again...

Ok...I know I have tried on several occasions to keep up a family website, write a blog, or even just send out an email update. And I do really well for a few days, weeks, or maybe even a month but then I fall off the face of the internet. No posts for months at a time, then maybe a random post. I have joined Facebook so that has kept me in the loop of things and given me an easy way to update things as well. But, ya'all know how it is with kids (and life in general) there are so many great and not so great moments that need to be shared. And my life is full of that's why here we go again. I am starting a blog and going to try an update on a regular basis.

It's ALOHA FRIDAY! Enjoy your weekend!

With Much Love and Aloha, Sara