Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July flew by...

I can't believe summer has flown by. I feel like the month of July has been on double time.

We continued to spend most afternoon in July at the Avila pool. Addy and I hang out in the water while B is busy with swimming lessons. Both of the kids are comfortable in the water and are better swimmers than their Dad.

B spent last week at the Pit (local MMA gym) summer camp. He had a blast and practically begged for us to sign him up classes. So, we did. He went to his first class last week was a little bit nervous until he saw his favorite instructor Bulldog.

This month has filled with making progress on the addition. The rooms are painted. We have carpet in the family room, which the kids love to play on. And it was just in time for Addy because she is determined to figure out walking and for Jeff and B to have a place to wrestle.
We have all the finishes to tie up baseboard, tile, electrical, B's room, exterior painting and the clean-up. We, which I say very loosely because I ditched out for a couple of hours to spend with a friend of mine who I hadn't seen in years, even made an attempt at re-organizing our garage. We are trying to prioritize our long list of "things to do". Josh finished up the electrical, which completes the family room, along with a purchase from Ikea.
Addy is a busy walking and climbing little girl.
So it is definately time for her to sport her Nikes.
She loves hang with her brother while he listens to music in his room. Lately it has been ACDC but most of the time they rock out to country music.
A couple of times he has shut his door because he just wants a little time to himself, he playing with his legos or cleaning things up and she will sit at the door and scream until he opens it. She also seems to enjoy when he carries her around the house which makes me nervous or pushes her in the plastic bin.
B got his haircut this month. Here are the before and after pics.
We topped off the end of month with a Giants game with the Coldani girls. It was a blast and the kids entertained themselves with snacks, signs, binoculars, and did I mention snacks. There were so many snacks and sippy cups that Julie and I forgot to get snacks and drinks of our own. B took a pic by Grandma's brick.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer as much as we are.