Monday, February 1, 2010

It was been a few weeks....

Hi everyone!  It has been a few weeks.  Things have been a little hectic around here.  So I will do my best to catch ya'all up.  First off, here are the newest pictures from the addition.  Things are moving right along. And we survived the rain the biggest issue was the lack of work for the week.

At beginning of the month we had Addysen baptized.  It was a very personal ceremony made possible by some of our dearest friends.  Thank you so much to Rick and Debbie for getting everything coordinated and hosting lunch.  Thank you to everyone shared the day with us and all the amazing pictures you took.  We are very blessed to have all of you in our lives.

B is study hard in school these days and has joined a homework club after school.  He is eager to learn and be the best student possible.  He has also started a soccer camp.  Chess club has ended and he anxious for the next session to start.  His chess instructor says that he like to attack!

Addy is developing quite the personality these days.  She is rolling over, trying really hard to make raspberries, and loves to be entertained by her brother.

Happy February to everyone!