Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No June Gloom Here... (may take a bit to load)

We started off the month by finishing up the Tball season. B and Jeff had a great season! B's baseball card came back with an error. And no I didn't write anything on the knob of his bat, his name was mispelled. For those of you that are curious to the reference look up Billy Ripken error card. Next year is Rookie ball.

B finished his school year strong. He received an award for attendance and his report card showed that he made great progress during first grade. 2nd Grade, here we come!
The plan for the summer is to stay busy. Week 1 of summer basketball camp at Nipomo HS conducted by CP Basketball.
B loved it so much, in spite a couple of bumps on the knoggin, we signed up for another camp. For Father's day we headed to the US Open. B got a broken tee for one of volunteers that she pulled off the tee box and a golfball from Scott VerPlank's caddy.

Week 2 was the start of swim lessons for both of the munchkins. Addy's mommy and me class turned out to be a private lesson. She loves to be in the water. B ended up in a combo class which took him to the deep end and off the lifeguard tower.
Week 3 more Bball camp and swim lessons. B was awarded Camper of day for the first day of basketball camp. He was pretty pumped.
This week we are also gearing up for July. We signed up for the summer reading program at the library, got a pedal brake put on his bike and bought walkie talkies because I can't keep up with B on the Bob Jones trail.
Addy is a little over 9 months.
Her stats 16lb 10oz and 27 inches. She is crawling everywhere, pulls herself up and cruises, and just this week is starting to try standing on her own. She enjoys to eat and is curious about whatever you are eating. She has began to babble dada, mamma, and we think we heard a papa last weekend. And yes, she still thinks her brother is the coolest ever even when he is shooting things at her out of his mouth. (Sorry the video is upside down)

Monday, June 7, 2010

May has come and gone...

It's June 6th. Where did the month of May go? We were busying with Tball and a few road trips. The first of the trips was to surprise my Mom on Mother's Day we pulled it off arriving at her doorstep while B had her looking for a delivery on the front porch.

Addy and I went to the Tour of California with her Fairy Godmothers. We had a blast!

Addy and Michelle @ the Shack Bus
On the morning before the San Jose stage we basically stalked the Radio Shack team.
We had a pretty successful stalking managing to get some autographs and photos.

Addy and Court at the Finish Line in Santa Cruz
We arrived so early that we were able to walk across the finish line.
We also gathered up lots of goodies including some cool Shack T-shirts.

Addy on Podium (look closely her shirt says "Max will you marry me?")
We are making a pitch for Addy to marry Lance's son Max. So Court made her a shirt to wear.

We squeezed in another trip to Prunedale to celebrate Paul's First Birthday on the weekend before Memorial Day. On Memorial Day, we headed to San Diego for one of Jeff's buddy's wedding. B had a good week at school(he has a little bit of spring fever, so the positive rewards are in full swing.) and Seaworld was his reward.

The Shark Tunnel
The picture was taken after B and I ran the wrong way on the tunnel to find Addy and Jeffy but before B freaked out because I lifted him up to see the sharks a little bit closer.
Addy and I sat on the edge of the Splash Zone while the boys went for it.
Watching Shamu in the tank before the show.

The Addition probably needs it own post. So I will get on that some time this week. But things are moving along. Some days it seems like it will never be finished and then some days I think oh my goodness I can't believe it is gonna be done soon. And the fun is starting to begin...picking paint colors, flooring options:)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Addy Loves to Eat!

Here are the pictures to prove it...
Cereal for the first time.
Cereal Round 2!
Puff Monster!
Yay Addy!
You want some?!