Monday, February 28, 2011

A fast and full February...

February is a short month but we packed in the activities. It started with the neighborhood Super Bowl. Manny was the big winner in the Skyline Super Bowl Pool.
Basketball Saturdays kept us busy on the weekends. Here are a couple shots of B. It has been fun seeing really developing a love for the game. He enjoys looking at his basketball cards and even saved his money to buy the Sports Illustrated Encyclopedia of Basketball. If you remember from the summer, he earned camper of day and was invited to be on the court during Cal Poly warm-ups. I didn't bring my camera I know that some of you are shocked by that. The local sports photographer was there, so we are ordering some prints.
B also moved up a belt at the Pit, he is now a camo-orange belt.
Addy loves the Princess and the Frog movie. She dances to all the songs. Mom took some fun pictures of her with Uncle Luke singing and dancing. Hopefully he can teach a few things and she get a little rhythm from him cause we all know I have none.
For Valentine's Day, the kids and I had my mom take pictures on the beach for Jeff's gift. The first picture was the best of the day. Mom did a great job. Luke and I had fun watching the kids run on the beach and watching Mom chase them. Only once did the ocean almost get the best of her.
Addy and I took a road trip to visit our friends, the Coldani's. We spent all couple of days just hanging out and enjoying some of their favorite activities. The girls had a blast and were super cute together.
At the lake

On the turtle at the Zoo

We drove safely and quickly home so that we could make for the World Series trophy stop at Farmers Market. My cousin Marina drove up from LA area to join the celebration. I need to thank Jeffy for being a good sport, bringing us dinner in line, and taking pictures.

For those of you who weren't sure if Addy looks anything like me or has any bit of my personality, here's your answer...
Well, I am all blogged out. Much Aloha and Love to everyone!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A few months between posts...

Hahaha...the previous post was titled, "A few weeks between posts". You would think that I would have got my act together and posted a bit more regularly. But here we are and it is almost March 1st. So now we have "A few months between posts"

Catching up...we spent the first few days of 2011 in San Francisco exploring the city. B had wrote in his school journal that if he could live in any place, it would be San Francisco.

Luke had the flu on Christmas and Mom had Vertigo on New Year's Eve, which delayed our Christmas celebration until a couple weeks into January. The kiddos also got exchanged gifts with our family friends the Mintons.

It is funny how life changes. Before B was born, Jeff's buddies would come to the house early on Sunday mornings and stay through the night game watching football, eating and drinking throughout the day. They decided to get together on one of the playoff weekends. There was a little less watching football and definatley a lot less drinking because there were little ones to look after. The food was delicious and the company was good.
Basketball season was in full swing,
but B managed to squeeze in a Cal Poly baseball camp.
Well, until next time which is hopefully sooner than later and we will get you caught up to our February happenings.