Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Before you know it...

Before I know it, B will be checking out colleges for reals.  For now, we will enjoy our family outings to Poly for events like Open House.  We had originally gone with the intention of watching the tractor pulls, but they were cancelled.  It turned out to be a beautiful day.  There were so many things on display that caught B's attention, including a Blackhawk.

He was definitely inspired because he did 20 legit pushups to earn a Cal Poly ROTC hat.

Several of the clubs on campus had games and activities to play.

By far, the college of Agriculture had the best exhibits of their majors with "learn by doing" at the forefront.  It was nice to show B the academic side of Cal Poly.

Addy also had a big girl week.  She is moving on up and has graduated to a "Sleeping Beauty" bed.  She said she wanted one and that she would sleep in it , so we obliged.  My candy loving little girl, who was a bottle loving baby, had her first trip to the dentist.  Let's just say she is returning for a few more visits.

I hosted Baby Cruz's baby shower (our neighbor) at the house on Saturday with help from fellow neighbors.  The theme was "Little Man."  We had fun making the banners and making snacks pulled from pinterest.  

On this week's fishing trip, B's friend and his dad went along.  Both boys caught few fish.

While the boys were fishing, Addy and I went to support our friends running their first marathon.  They all  were amazing!  So proud of them!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break!

B had a couple of events at school the last week in March.  He ran 17 laps in the school Jog-A-Thon and collected a few pledges from his Grandmas.  He is also a bigger winner at the Spring Award Ceremony.  B received an award in PE and a learning award.  We are proud of his efforts in the classroom to strive to reach his highest potential!  AttaboyB!

Our spring break may not have been this like some people....but we had week full of fun adventures.

For our first adventure, we headed to over to Farm Supply to gather supplies for our garden project.  While Jeff was busy loading the truck, the kids I had a little fun taking these pictures.

When we arrived home we immediately began work on the garden.  Check back and hopefully we will be able to report a great harvest.

After a long day of gardening, per their request, we piled in the truck for a fishing trip at Lopez.  After our successful trip of Jeff catching "Bass" to bring home for the pond, we were all "hooked".  

The following day we purchased some additional gear, including something a little more sturdy than a Barbie fishing pole for Addy.  Even though it turned out that the two of us would spend more time hiking and looking for Bambi.

No school and a week off from baseball gave us plenty time to spend at the park and we even squeezed in an afternoon at the pool.  

The weekend came way too quick.  On Saturday morning we went the Shell Beach Easter Egg Hunt.  Addy met up with a few of her friends, while B spent his time playing the many games and activities.

The kids prepared their eggs for the Bunny on Saturday afternoon.

We were up early Easter morning.  B found his basket right away.  Addy on the other hand took awhile to wake up.  Then we headed off to church.  When we got home, the Easter Bunny had filled the yard with eggs and goodies for kids.  Addy was so excited when we pulled up, I was barely able to get her un-clicked.  B was an expert egg finder so we asked to take a short break.

After all the eggs were found, Addy and Grandma got to work making deviled eggs for a snack.  

 We finished our day with a trip to the beach to fly kites.

Hope that everyone had a great Easter and a fun spring break!