Monday, February 27, 2012

So much for that New Year's Resolution...

Well, yet another New Year's resolution of updating the blog has been broken.  I was shooting for monthly posts.   Technically it is still February but it has been almost 2 month between posts.

In the meantime, a basketball season has come and gone and baseball is in full swing.  B and his team the PMI Bulls has a great season.  They started off strong but the long lay off over the Christmas holiday really hurt their momentum.  B really enjoys playing basketball and he especially takes pride in his defense.  Can't wait until next year!  B is a Phillie this year for baseball and I consider that a win because we aren't the Dodgers.  This will be the first season of any sport that Jeff isn't the head coach, which will be a nice break for Jeff and B, too.

Addy is her usually self and her communication skills are increasing by the day.  Hopefully, this will lead to less screaming.  But, lately that hasn't been the case as she is definately knows what she wants and sometimes I have hard time translates.  For example today when we were leaving the doctor's office I thought she was saying she wanted "to draw" but she wanted a straw for her water.

The magnet in the center of the softball drew me back in.  I teamed up with my good friend, Jackie, to run a 6 week designed to introduce girls to the game of softball and get them ready for the upcoming rec league season.  We had an amazing turnout over 60 girls came through the clinic.  We were also very lucky to get great support from the Cal Poly softball, local high school players and some of my former players.  It was a great opportunity to share our love and knowledge of the game with young aspiring softball players.

When Jeff is not at work, coaching one of B's teams, or working around the house, he enjoys spending time golfing.  He has joined the local golf academy where he has access to the driving range and practice facilities.

Sorry for the catch-up post and if you are facebook you have probably already seen the pics.  I will try and get one out that is a little less boring, but don't hold me to it.