Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer is here!

We are already more than half into June and a week into summer vacation!  The kids have finished up their music class.....where we found out that both of them may not have inherited their Uncle Luke's rhythm, but they both enjoyed their classes.
(Tried to load video but it isn't working, I will try again later.)
B had a field trip to Morro Bay the last week over school and I bravely volunteered to chaperone.  The kids had a blast especially digging for crabs and walking up to the lookout that coincidentally Jeff proposed to me at.

Addy is getting more and more words everyday.  She has learned the word beach and asks to go almost daily.  Fore the most part, we go and play on the swings.  Last week, the weather was too nice and the boys couldn't resist get in the water.

On the last day of school, the Pismo Police Department had "Pizza on the Pier".  Andrew and B got some pizza and checked out the all the police vehicles.
And for all of you looking for an Addy update, these days she double fists Otterpops, catches frogs looking for her Prince Naveen, and loves hot dogs.

Last week, B went to basketball camp for the second year.  He had a blast!  It is a great camp and the Cal Poly basketball players do a great job of interacting with the kids, not too mention they all know him by first name basis.
(Tried to load video but it isn't working, I will try again later.)
After camp, we drove straight to the airport to head out to Colorado for my cousin Kelsey's wedding (or should I say Branden's cousin)  Addy did well on the flight in both directions to my surprise.  I was a little stressed about her having a major meltdown.  We had a couple of open windows of time between the wedding and family BBQ so we took the kids to the Denver Zoo and Butterfly Pavilion with my parents.

The wedding was beautiful and Kelsy looked gorgeous in her dress.  At the ceremony, B went right up to Kelsey and Josh and introduced himself.  He wasn't shy at all even though he had never met her.  My aunt and uncle were thoughtful and had everyone over so that we could all visit and catch up.  B kept everyone entertained with his new joke book.

Well, it is Sea Life camp next week.  Then a super busy month of July.  Stay tuned for our adventures.

Oh and I forgot a couple of our May activities...Addy won in the "calendar raffle" for B's baseball league.  So her and my dad split the cost of this bike.

The Skyline Crew also took the party bus to the SLOPD Tip a Cop Fundraiser.  They had a great time mostly in part to their awesome waiter.  When the dinner was over, they jumped on the tank in front of the SLO Vets Hall.