Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Good Friends and Family and Good Food

November started as it always does with Cal Poly Softball Alumni Weekend.  There were definitely a fair amount of shenanigans, laughs and reminiscing...nothing better they getting together with your closest friends and their kids.  We took some time to go to the Avila Valley Barn with the Coldanis.  And big thanks to the Frietas family for opening up their house on Friday night so we could all get together and hang out.  Hopefully we all can find a way to meet up again before next year.

The month finished up with a great week with Jeff's family.  We went to Vegas to check out Jeff's parents new house.  It was a great trip minus the car ride of Addy screaming and low fog.
The Livermore Clarins made the trip down to the Central Coast and the cousins enjoyed close to every minute spent together.
Jeff bbq'd his first turkey and it turned out great!  We added a little Filipino flavor and Halo-Halo for dessert.
Addy really enjoys playing with her babies.  A couple of weeks back she put her baby on her back with a little help, so she could take the baby for a hike.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins

It seemed as if every week we headed to a different pumpkin patch.  We met up with the Schafer at the Pumpkin Patch off of Los Osos Valley Ranch.  The kids had the most fun running up and down the hill.
Our trip with Michelle to the See Canyon Ranch where there was a little bit of everything.  So we got it all, apples, flowers, carrots and a pumpkin.  Addy and I enjoyed spending the afternoon with Michelle.
While up in San Jose for a softball tournament, we were able to meet up with the Livermore Clarins and go to a Haunted House and Carnival.  B was a big winner, he won a ninja sword to add to his costume and a giant lollipop.  We took the Good Fairy tour.
We finished the month off with a weekend filled with Halloween celebrations.  Friday was the neighbor carving party.

Saturday we headed to Pumpkins on the Pier where it was a warm 80 degrees.  The kids enjoyed the games along with trick or treating at local businesses.
B and Addy got dressed up to T&T at the Minton's house before dinner.  They got spoiled with a bag of loot.

Finally, Halloween arrived.  Luckily, B had a minimum day so packed in an afternoon of T&T.  The village in AG, the outlets, the New Life Festival, and lastly a pass thru the neighborhood.

In the end we donated over 5 lbs of candy to Operation Gratitude (an organization who sends the candy to the troops.)  Grandma Henri pitched in to add a little extra incentive for the kids to sell the candy.

B got his cast off in the first week of the month.  He said it felt weird to have it off.  The Dr took the wind out of his sails when he told to wait other week before doing anything extreme.  He waited the week and x-ray showed that he healed up just fine.

Friday, October 21, 2011

2 is here!

Addy's 2nd birthday snuck up on us. Sometimes it is hard to believe she is already 2, but also even tougher to imagine life without her.

Jeff and I had our 11th anniversary tge week before. We spent the day hiking Bishop's and golfing in the afternoon.

The weekend before Addy's birthday we went on our neighborhood camping trip. It was a blast as always! And I can't say it enough that we are so blessed to live in an unbelievable
neighborhood. SKYLINE No ka pin!

Addy had a dessert party on Monday night. The Pirates from the north were her special guests, including cousin Olivia. Addy had a full day of gymnastics and celebration!

B's Birthday!

B celebrated his birthday in style. He sported his new Kobe All Star jersey to school. Addy and I spent the days before preparing (and eating) the desserts. Our neighbor, Ashley, his giant birthday cupcake.

With his surfboard birthday present in tow, we headed to Branden's first surf contest. It was a push-in contest. B and Jeff did a great job!

The weekend of birthday fun ended with the birthday boy falling out of tree and a trip to the ER. B ended up with a fractured elbow and a cast for 5 weeks. Looking back, he was a trooper and really tough it out, and in his words learned to be the best one armed kid he could be.

Here's to 8 and many more!

Did you miss us?

Well, it seems as if I have fallen really far behind on the blogging. So stay tuned for catch-up posts...B's birthday, the surf contest, the broken arm, camping at Refugio, Addy's birthday, back to the diamond, Uncle Luke's visit and that should almost take us to October.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The last month of summer...

The last month of summer was pretty busy with a couple of road trips and the big trip to Turkey.  We headed up north the last weekend of July for a first birthday party.  It was great to finally meet the twins and be able to spend time with our dear friends.  On the way home, we stop for a quick visit to meet Gino and for Jeff to drop off a pair of Giants booties for him.
That Tuesday, the boys headed off to Turkey.  The trip was amazing and once in a lifetime experience.  (Jeff said that he would write his own blog of the trip so stay tuned.)  We skyped them most nights, we were headed for bed and they were just getting up.
While the boys were gone, Addy and I stayed busy.  We spend a couple days in Paso at the Minton's Ranch and doing a retail therapy.
Our family really enjoys spending time there, especially the kids.  We are so blessed that softball brought them into our lives.  Here are a couple of pics of the kids at the ranch...
The kids are finishing up the summer with swim lessons.  B loves the water and has a blast; Addy not so much.  She spends more time screaming than swimming.  But, she loves her gymnastics class and attempts to practice her skills anywhere she can.
Today was the first day of school for B.  He reluctantly hope on the bus and off he went.  He told me yesterday that he just wanted a few more days.