Thursday, March 24, 2011

March Madness Clarin Style

March flew by...B began the month with a trip to the snow with his best buddy.  The boys were in the  same Kindergarten class and  played Tball together.  They were reunited this basketball season and have been joined at the hip ever since.   

Did you know that on St. Patrick's Day a leprechaun comes to your house to leave you a gift so you don't go looking for his pot of gold?  Well, that's what I was told by a very clever 7 year old and couple days before St. Patrick's Day.

 Every Tuesday, we try and meet up with the Schafers.  The kids love going to the museum or the park.    
B made his first reconciliation this month.  When it was time, he stood up and headed start back to the confessional and bravely was the first one.  He also encouraged me to go to confession.  I was so proud of him and grateful that he has taken an interested in his faith and the sacraments.

Baseball season is officially here.  I have made it a second season with out being "roped" back into coaching. (well, technically.)  Jeffrey is coaching and one of the parents told me the other day that he is a coveted coach.  He really does a great job with the boys and communicating with the parent.  For now I will enjoy hanging out on the sidelines watching B play ball and just doing a backseat coaching;)
 I have been asked numerous times if Addy will play softball.  My answer is always been "No" with a smile on my face.  But as we all know you don't get to pick your child's interests.