Friday, October 21, 2011

2 is here!

Addy's 2nd birthday snuck up on us. Sometimes it is hard to believe she is already 2, but also even tougher to imagine life without her.

Jeff and I had our 11th anniversary tge week before. We spent the day hiking Bishop's and golfing in the afternoon.

The weekend before Addy's birthday we went on our neighborhood camping trip. It was a blast as always! And I can't say it enough that we are so blessed to live in an unbelievable
neighborhood. SKYLINE No ka pin!

Addy had a dessert party on Monday night. The Pirates from the north were her special guests, including cousin Olivia. Addy had a full day of gymnastics and celebration!

B's Birthday!

B celebrated his birthday in style. He sported his new Kobe All Star jersey to school. Addy and I spent the days before preparing (and eating) the desserts. Our neighbor, Ashley, his giant birthday cupcake.

With his surfboard birthday present in tow, we headed to Branden's first surf contest. It was a push-in contest. B and Jeff did a great job!

The weekend of birthday fun ended with the birthday boy falling out of tree and a trip to the ER. B ended up with a fractured elbow and a cast for 5 weeks. Looking back, he was a trooper and really tough it out, and in his words learned to be the best one armed kid he could be.

Here's to 8 and many more!

Did you miss us?

Well, it seems as if I have fallen really far behind on the blogging. So stay tuned for catch-up posts...B's birthday, the surf contest, the broken arm, camping at Refugio, Addy's birthday, back to the diamond, Uncle Luke's visit and that should almost take us to October.