Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Catch-up Post...A Busy April!

April was a busy month. I don't we were home all together on any of the weekends. We were enjoying our new found freedom of not having a softball schedule to abid by.
Addy's First Easter Egg Hunt
Skyline Crew and Friends @Refugio
Our neighbors Ann and Cesar got engaged. They are telling B and I can't remember his exact words but it was classic B.
Jeff's birthday (and Cesar's too) while Addy and I were in AZ at Terra's wedding.
The Cal Poly and Prunedale Girls at Terra's Wedding. I should have been middle. You can take the girl out of Prunedale but you can't take Prunedale out of the girl.
The New Family Rivalry...like we need more to argue about. And B is so caught in the middle about this one. But I think I have pulled him back from the darkside.
The Big Sur Relay