Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Birthday B!

Happy Birthday B!
I remember his 1st birthday party. (I don't know if Roni or Jeffrey do, but I do.) It was quite the party almost 200 people, but I can't find a picture of it for the life of me. No comments from the peanut gallery about the fact that I hardly ever take pictures. Those that know me know I usually rely on the pictures that other people take. I do have a pictures of birthdays 2-7 that I posted on Facebook and I will admit that I probably didn't take any of them.

B lives it up and loves life. He truly lives in the moment happy, sad, mad, excited and all the in betweens. There are times that I am so amazed because he just gets it. When he was born, he brought something special to our family. He has and is growing up and we are so proud of him. Branden is a great big brother, a wonderful son, and is a caring loving boy to everyone he meets. (Including the other 2nd grader whose mom was late picking her on the same day I forgot to pick B up at school. He took her to the office, opened the door for her and said to her as they went in the door, "Don't worry Ms. Hizey will help us and she will make it better.") He has taught us some much in the last 7 years and I am sure he will continue to in years to come. He is perfectly Branden. We are truly blessed and thankful for him everyday.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Catch-up Post...Summer is over, School has started, the addition is close

Summer is over. School has started and the addition is close.

B finished out his summer with Sea Life camp. He really enjoyed the week in Avila. They fished on the pier and he caught the first fish of the summer, which they put in a tank. The kids helped take care of the animals including trying get the octopus to eat. While B was camp, Addy and I walked the Bob Jones trail, discovered a new favorite coffee shop, Joe Momma's, and had a play date with Blake.
B is the one with out his shirt on and the fohawk.
Addy is crashed during our walk on the Bob Jones trail.

We spent the next couple of days living it up before school started.

The kids enjoying dinner at the Cracked Crab
At the Ravine in Paso, definitely will put this on our calendar more next summer.

More highlights...
B started 2nd grade. He wore this the second day of school. Me: B maybe you should change your shirt. It doesn't really match. B: Mom, I know, That's my style.

Addy is a walker, screamer, and loves to empty drawers.

We went to the Olive Festival to say Hi to Julie and Mike. Highly recommended their olive oil Calivirgin, it is really good stuff. The Olive Festival is also one of the best festival I have been to on the central coast.
Addy and Jules at the Festival.

The family room of the addition is complete. The yard is super close (the question is to have plants or a water feature.) The bathroom tile is complete and our master bedroom gets carpet tomorrow.

Clarin celebrations in the next few weeks stay tuned....