Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The October Blog is finally here...

Much of the month of October was spent watching the Giants during their magical run to a World Series Championship!  I am pretty sure the #rallypants #pantsonbackwards had something to do with it. I have a picture of the night it all started but I swore I wouldn't go public with it.  Hummbaby!

B and Addy love a good craft project especially when it involves candy.  Jeff and I also love the 49ers, so I have been trying to set-up a craft project for them to do while the games are on.   So, one Sunday when I believe the Giants and the 49ers were on, the kids built Haunted Houses.

One of best things I love about living on the Central Coast is the small town events.  The kids and I enjoyed the harvest festival parade with some hot chocolate and a treat.  It also a great time of the year to visit the Avila Valley Barn to feed the goats, get some corn, and take a picture or two.

B had his heart set on being Flash for Halloween.  We hunted down a costume when we were in Orange County for a softball tournament.  Addy picked out a Tinkerbell friend costume at Marshalls early in the month.  I got lucky that they still had it when I finally went back.

We have made a tradition of trick or treating in the Village of Arroyo Grande.  This year there was even a photo booth for the kids to pose for some silly pictures.

And Halloween wouldn't be complete with the Skyline Annual Pumpkin Carving Night.

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